Saturday, December 31, 2011

We Got Chickens at a Yard Sale

Like every Saturday morning, we were out going to yard sales. Our son actually didn't mind the car ride this morning. The last few weeks he has been fussy and we had to cut our trips short and come home. This morning he napped the whole trip. I noticed a dozen eggs on a table at the first yard sale we stopped at. (Lots of people in our area raise their own chickens and some sell the extra eggs, they just put a sign up in front of their house.) We asked about the eggs, then I heard the chickens clucking. We started talking to these people and they were selling chickens too!

Just yesterday, I had called a farmer on craigslist to ask about their chickens and was told their hens won't be ready for sale for another two weeks. Our chicken coop was ready for chickens and we could not get chickens.

Today was our lucky day. When we left the house this morning, we had no idea we would come home with chickens. This couple sold us three chickens since that was all that would fit in our animal trap/cage. My husband wanted to make a second trip and get three more, but I wanted to wait a few days so we can learn how to take care of chickens before getting more. They also told us where to get free hay for the nesting boxes, what kind of feed to get, and warned us of predators getting into the coop. We got two Leghorns and one Rhode Island Red. My husband actually caught one of the chickens to put into the cage!

We could tell these people have taken good care of their chickens because they are so friendly. The chickens seem really happy in their coop. They have been eating bugs all day!

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