Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Post Pregnancy Excercise

It's been almost 4 months since I gave birth to our son and I still do not have an exercise routine. I have been doing squats and lunges here and there but not regularly to benefit. I am already back to my pre-pregnancy size but I still need an exercise routine to tone up. This is the only thing that's missing from my healthy lifestyle. While I do have a gym membership, I cannot use it because I am breastfeeding and can't be away from my son for that long. I also will not use the daycare at the gym because I do not trust anyone who is not family to watch my son.

We do have Netflix and I have seen some 10 minute workouts on there. So my goal is to start out doing one ten minute workout every weekday while my son takes his morning nap. Once I am able to follow this routine for a while, I will up the amount of time I workout each day. The name of the workout video I will be using is 10 Minute Solution: Target Toning. This workout has separate 10 minute workouts. Today, I will start with the arms routine.

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