Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Curing Tooth Decay and Xylitol Marshmallows

We have been battling tooth decay on our little one's teeth for the last two months now. After having a dentist tell me that she wants to fill cavities and seal my son's teeth with toxic materials, I did some research and came across remineralizing teeth. I read Rami Nigel's, Curing Tooth Decay, and have been following his protocol. We started with homemade bone broths with a raw egg yolk mixed in each serving and FCLO/BO blend. Raw goat milk kefir and cheeses were already in our diet but I stopped offering him a fruit kefir smoothie. He actually prefers the kefir plain. I slowly added cell salts and xylitol to his water. We went grain-free and I made some remineralizing toothpaste. His teeth have not gotten gotten worse so we have halted the decay.

We did remove a lot of the fruit from out diets. Although I do use fruit to bribe him into his car seat and into the house. I feel bad but sometimes I have no choice.  Since I had bought a bag of xylitol I have been looking for recipes in which to use it.  I first used it on the icing for his birthday cake which was a success. But I needed a snack that I could offer him instead of fruit. I came across xylitol marshmallows.  I have never made marshmallows so I finally decided to try making it. As I licked the bowl clean, it reminded me of the fluff that I used to eat as a kid. So I already thought it was a success.

Once it set, I cut the marshmallows into little squares and dipped them into so soaked and dehydrated raw almonds that I ground up.  My son opened the pantry looking for bananas which we are out of, so I offered him a marshmallow. He has never had candy like treats (he won't eat xylitol mints) so he cautiously tried it and ... he came back for more! I finally have a tooth friendly treat for him!

Here is the recipe I used. I halved the recipe and I did not use the stevia. Next time, I am going to try to omit the honey and up the xylitol to replace the honey. There is also this recipe which does not use egg whites that I am going to try too.