Sunday, March 18, 2012

We Got Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Baby getting milk
We already put a deposit down on a baby Nigerian dwarf doeling goat a few weeks ago when we picked up a few chickens from Okeechobee. My husband had a week off of work so he built a shelter and fenced in a section of our property for the goat. When he was done, we called the lady to pick up the goat but she has not been weaned from her momma yet so we have to wait. We decided that we also want a goat that is giving milk now as we have to wait until our first goat is a year old to breed her and be able to get milk.

2 week old buck, JJ

Off to craigslist I went looking for a goat that's already giving milk. I didn't have much luck in our area, so I searched further away. I found a momma and baby nigerian for sale but they were four hours away. My husband said no at first (he would have been the one to go pick them up as our son was not ready for an eight hour road trip.) I searched for a couple of days and found nothing else so I convinced hubby to let me email the listing for the momma and baby. My husband spent a whole day driving just to pick them up. They are so beautiful!

Momma goat, Chloe

We will try milking her in a week because we need to build a milking stand. They are still getting used to their new owners. The mom will eat out of our hands and will let us pet her while she is eating grain. I am hoping she will be more comfortable with us by the time we start milking her. For now, her baby is drinking her milk.

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