Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Temporary DIY Chicken Coop

We tried using scrap wood and materials we already had had to make our temporary chicken coop. We had some wood fence panels, pallets, black landscape pot, wood fence post, chicken wire and cinder blocks. A small part of our backyard is fenced in with a chain link fence, so we used the chain link as one side of the coop. We then laid the wood fence panels up against the chain link fence to make a tee pee. Then we put one pallet on each end to work as a door and put a cinder block up against it. We then used chicken wire to cover up any holes that the pallets did not cover.

For a roost, we put down two cinder blocks 2 to 3 feet apart in the coop and put a fence post we had lying around on top of the cinder blocks.

The nesting box was made from a 5 gallon black landscape pot nailed on its side to a small pallet. The pallet was put on to of two cinder blocks to keep it off the ground.

We have every type of predator here that preys on chickens. This coop kept our chickens safe from hawks, raccoons, bobcats, opossum, foxes, rats and any other predator that I am not aware exist in our area.We set up our animal trap near the coop to catch any predators that may try to get our chickens. The first night, we caught a muskrat. I assume this is the same muskrat/rodent that dug up my freshly planted herbs the week before.

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